Café Manager

Rachel. Our café manager loves coffee, jazz, American Ninja workouts, travel, photography and people. She's worked as a sales clerk, waitress, baker, cashier, dishwasher, farmer, bartender and event assistant. A few of those things, coupled with her sunny personality, enthusiasm and love of learning make her a perfect fit for the café.

Check out her insta page: @seymourshots_/


Pete had his first cup of coffee when he was 12 and has been more than fond of it ever since. His roasting hobby led towards the founding of I Have a Bean but he's known around the cafe for his rorschach inspired latte art. He can frequently be found working hard somewhere in the library.

Favorite Phrase: "Don't even think about touching my scone!"

Future Baristas

This could be YOU!

If you live coffee, love people, and are interested in creating a fun working environment, join us! We do more than create superb espresso drinks here at the café, so not everyone who applies for work needs to start out with mad barista skills. If you love coffee and want to learn, we'll certainly train you thoroughly in barista skills, so long as you meet the first two criteria (live and love).

Please send an email to HireMe@www.cafeontheparkwheaton.com and let us know of your interest in working at Café On The Park.