Legal Statements

Privacy Policy

At the end of the day, we see privacy as a pretty simple concept. We respect the private nature of your private data and we hold your data with the same high regard we have for our own. We don’t do anything with your information that we don’t want someone doing with our own personal data. We don’t share it, we don’t sell it, we don’t use it for secret tracking purposes. There are some pieces of data that we have to use in order to be able to serve you. For instance, we can’t charge your credit card for your purchase unless we submit the card number and name etc. to the credit card processing company. We do have to keep track of the products we sell and what time of the day they’re sold etc. so that we can improve our efficiency, but to do that we only need see the data in aggregate form, stripped of customer names and all that. Unless we are required by law to divulge something, any data you share with us, stays with us, or is used for its clearly intended purpose (such as charging a credit card) and then deleted. We don’t store credit card numbers anywhere on our servers so hacking us is not going to get anybody anything useful.


Terms of Use

Please respect us and our work. We created the content herein and we don’t want to see it appropriated by someone else. If we wrote it or created it, we own it. We do have content on this site that we did not create, but if it’s here, we’ve gotten permission to use it for our site from the owner. Note: They don’t let us extend that permission to you.