Worth The Wait

My mornings usually start with a stumble into the kitchen. Often I don’t bother turning on the light as I move toward my hot water heater and turn it on. I proceed to measure out coffee, set my burr grinder to the appropriate setting, and prep my pour-over of choice (currently the chemex). While I do this, I often think about how much easier it would be to make my coffee if I already had caffeine running through my veins, keeping me awake. This is the great conundrum. Making good coffee takes time; and making my first cup of coffee seems to take infinitely longer due to my impatience and sleepiness. But oh, that first sip is all worth it.

Doing anything well is usually like that – it takes time. Sure, I could get a Keurig and my mornings would be a lot simpler. I would get caffeine faster and would exert only a small amount of effort. But when I drink that cup, that’s really all it is to me – a quick source of caffeine. All appreciation of the bean is gone and all flavor notes drowned out by the bitterness that generally accompanies it. As much as I don’t feel like making that first cup of coffee in the morning and as much as I think it would be easier to push a button to receive caffeine- deep down I don’t really want that. I want the coffee that takes time. I want the human art that is accompanied with every cup. I don’t want the impersonal machine. In the end, taking time to do something right is always worth it.

This is the lesson I take to this coffee shop. To say that it has been a long time coming is an understatement. Everyone in the process has wanted the project to move faster. Much faster. But good things come to those who wait. And plan. And work. Now, we are about to open the best version of the coffee shop yet. Everything is where we want it to be. Paint has been chosen, furniture has been picked and recipes have been developed. And of course, our coffee beans are on their way. We cannot wait to share our love of coffee with you. We’ll see you soon.


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